Davies, Inc.

We make the Internet Work

Custom Software Development

Davies, Inc. develops solutions to enable your business to make money on the Internet. Everything from tracking of trends to development of E-Commerce solutions to enable your shopping cart to be successful.

Many of the solutons we have developed for clients have made the transition from prototype to completed system very quickly. We use mod_perl and mod_python which are powerful, extensible, high performance extensions to the Apache web server which allows us to develop applications very quickly. We can also support alternate web server platforms.

DaviesInc has always tried to be on the leading edge of technology and E-Commerce systems while retaining a 99.96% uptime across its clients. Everything from hosted sites to design of server platforms to be colocated to bandwidth redundancy consulting.

Prior experience includes ISP construction, corporate turnaround from near bankruptcy to profitability and most recently E-Commerce system design for clients involved in product and service sales.

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