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Many of our customers utilize colocation providers that we select based on their network designs and overall capabilities. Sometimes, the major companies come up short with their service offerings.

As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves to engineer our own flavor of Debian Linux, tuned for performance and security, selected a provider for bandwidth and a secure colocation facility. When companies engineer to provide uptime, they engineer for 99.9% uptime. That's 36 hours per year of downtime. We consider that to be unacceptable. We take the management headache out and let you do what you do best, and leave the server management to us.


A shopping cart application is one of the keys to a successful Internet business, however, are you missing an important piece to the puzzle? If your shopping cart does not integrate with a credit card procesing company, and does not have an affiliate program, you might be missing a valuable opportunity.

We've developed a Shopping Cart Solution with an integrated Affiliate Program for companies like yours. Currently we have an interface with Harbor-Net and can easily custom design an interface to work with your Merchant Bankcard account.

Custom Development

Our business is developing Solutions that work for businesses, both online, brick and mortar and hybrid companies. We've dealt with companies in all stages. From creation, financing, operation and managing explosive growth, our knowledge base and unique approach to business makes us uniquely positioned to help your company harness profits on the Internet.

With the tools that we have developed over the years, and the server platforms we use, the amount of time it takes for us to go from your idea to deploying a solution is greatly reduced.

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